Thursday, August 6, 2009

Super Summer Swap Linky

Head over to Superheroes and Princesses to link up your post about the swap and to check out all the great thing other folks swapped! Can't wait to see all the goodies that got swapped!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

School Time!

I forgot to take any pictures the first day, so here are a few from day 2!

The first is Anna doing a Brown Bear heads and tails puzzle. You can get it and some other great Brown Bear Brown Bear tot book stuff here. Check back later in the week and I'll have a picture of our little tot book that we're putting together.

Here is Mary Helen working on her DrawWriteNow assignment. We learned a bit more about frogs this week, and she did the frog habitat in her book. I love matching her writing assignment to our themes when possible :)
This is Mary Helen's mini office. I put everything on it with sticky tack and it's a foam board that I got at walmart. I wanted something portable, but that I could change around when we didn't need something on there. . . I hope it will be very versatile! We bring them to the kitchen table to talk about the day and the weather and cover a couple of other skills (MH is working on counting to 100, recognizing numbers - I'll call out random numbers for her to circle - and skip counting). Then I put each girl's board on top of their workbox shelf.

Finally, here is Anna with her mini-office. They love using their wipe off markers on the different things in their mini office. So fun!

Today was Mary Helen's fifth birthday and we took the day off at the last minute to go to a movie with one of her friends. I had called to chat with my friend, and she and her daughter were on the way to the movie and invited us, so I figured why not?! I don't intend to drop school at the drop of a hat, but occasionally it's a nice treat! We came home just in time for a good nap before a family dinner to celebrate her birthday again!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Back to the grindstone!

We are very happy to be back doing school! I never would have imagined that I/we would thrive on routine, but we do!! I was up early, had coffee and quiet time, fixed breakfast, and we did a couple hours of school.

My camera is dead, but I'll take some pictures of our day tomorrow.

I am thankfully feeling MUCH better, and have a fair amount of energy. I was needing it! Joel has been so great keeping the kitchen stocked and cooking for us - we would not have survived if he hadn't stepped up and been so great :)

This past weekend was the homeschool convention, and it really boosted me up and got me ready to tackle another year, so that's always a bonus!

I'll hopefully be a much better blogger now that we're back on track! Hope all of you homeschool moms are getting ready for a great year!