Monday, August 11, 2008

brought to you by the letter A

Wow! A whole month since my last post! I'm a very bad blogger!

I have begun homeschooling my dear Mary Helen. It's been a week, and I've only thought of registering her at school about a dozen times! Last week was pretty much a flop. She thinks coloring is boring and not hard, and she wants to do "real" school stuff. She's four. Coloring is REAL school stuff!

So all weekend I re-did our whole plan. I included lots of cutting, gluing, some coloring, some pencil work... so today, I was all excited, and she colored the first thing, and started cutting it out. But cutting is really hard. And it's boring.

So we went to the library.

We came back, and fought it out until she cut the whole thing. Never mind what I had planned for the rest of the day!

She is peacefully sleeping now, and I am enjoying an almost frapaccino that I made myself. It's almost as good as starbucks, better if you consider the cost!

So, that's where I've been since I last posted, homeschool convention and planning homeschool stuff.

Not much decorating going on here either. I've got to do something picture-worthy!


Elise said...

Oh dear, now I'm really scared!! Please share your recipe for the frapaccino(?), I love those things!!
Glad you're back.

mandy said...

Wow! What a cool idea to do the sandwiches. You are so creative!!!
I love your lapbook and it's so cool, cause they Mary Helen will be going back to that book just to "read" it and she will be learning all over again!!!!


Now, if I can only get my butt in gear for my three kids.

So, all of them are pretty much learning about explorers and America being founded. I'm sure I can find some info. on helping me do that!

Pray for me, girl!!!

Now, we are off of here to do science experiments.