Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fall is in the Air!!

I love this time of year! I love the colors, the smells, open windows, blue jeans, long sleeves, candy pumpkins, the fair in town...the list goes on and on!!

Here are some pictures of what I've done so far to get our house prettied up for fall!

Our dining room table - it looks really cozy in the evening with the candles lit!

The island in the kitchen:

The front door (don't you love those pumpkins?! My aunt got them at a thrift store!)

And this is in our front yard. Joel is going to bring me some corn stalks, but I need something else. Just more pumpkins? Hmmm...

Sorry I've been such a bad blogger, I'm not going to promise to get better, but I've been missing it!


Mrs. B said...

Hi Hadley! I love all those things about fall too! Your fall decor looks great! I love all the jars in the kitchen. Very cute. And your front porch looks so welcoming. Those pumpkins really are cute! I have a scarecrow like that somewhere too and I can't find it! I know there's a box of fall stuff somewhere that I can't find. I think a few more pumpkins or gourds of various sizes and colors would be a nice addition to your arrangement. Or maybe even some Indian corn.

I hope you had a nice weekend!

Connie said...

It all looks so great!!

Happy Fall!

Maria Jesus said...

me too, love this season, also to wear jeans :) :)
it was nice seeing you last weekend :)