Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Workboxes or No Workboxes. . . that is the question!

Well, one reason I felt like I had nothing to blog about is that we quit doing workboxes. I was after survival and basics. So, we've been doing math and reading. Nothing extra.

Lately, Mary Helen has been asking for more and more, and I've been pulling out extra activities and keeping her busy. Today I asked if she missed having workboxes, and sure enough she does! So, I'm back at it. Now I have to remember all the ideas I had for the boxes and get organized again!

The Snails Trail has a great post on sight words activities, and I'm working some of those into our boxes. I'm hoping to find more good ideas soon :)

Today I wasn't feeling all that great and the day just got worse and worse, so we were back to survival, but I hope to get on top of things and will start posting more about what's in our boxes next week.

Oh! I almost forgot - we got over a BIG hurdle last week - Mary Helen learned all the days of the week finally!! We have been struggling with it, and it finally clicked :) Proud Mommy moment!

Another praise - Anna wore big girl panties all day and only had one accident! Yay!!


Jenny said...

We haven't been doing as much "work" as I thought we would, but it's amazing how much Abby learns on her own.

Yipee that Mary Helen has learned the days of the week and that Anna wore big girl undies! That's awesome!

Susana said...

Good for you on big girl panties and days of the week! It does feel good when we realize, "Hey, I am teaching them something!"

I hope you feel great all day tomorrow.

I am undecided on the workboxes too. Some days I love them and other days, I'm ready to put them away, especially when my 19 month old is tearing them off the rack off and on all day:-).

Christy said...

Hooray for both girls!

Momma Snail said...

Yea for panties! I will have to tell my mom that she did know, since they had their big girl bonding moment....


SkylarKD said...

Yay for seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with potty training! C recently went all-panties, all-the-time, and we only occasionally have a daytime accident, and haven't had a nighttime one (knock wood). I'm SO glad this stage is almost over!! :)