Monday, June 28, 2010

up to our ears in corn!

I decided to put up some corn this year. I've never attempted to do it before, but I ended up creaming nearly 200 ears of corn. We will enjoy delicious creamed corn all year long!

Here is Mary Helen enjoying an ice cream sundae that Joel brought his hard workin' girls :)

We found a couple of worms that the girls thought were fascinating!

Being silly. . .


Elise said...

Yum!! Love the title...

K-tribe said...

Cute! Our corn has come in yet.. Soon. We have no where near 200 ears though.. Just a couple of rows. :)
The worms aren't too bad on the corn have you ever seen them on the broccoli?? O I was sick for a week! I will spare you the details of the whole thing. :)
Happy 4th of July!!!