Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Love/Hate Relationship with the Library

I LOVE everything our library has to offer - great selection, interlibrary loans, computers, movies, etc.

I HATE how expensive it is! I know. Your books are probably free, but mine rarely are. The Dairy King cringes when he looks at our banking stuff on line and sees how much money we give the library in overdue fines. I try to tell him that I'm just doing my part in keeping the doors open up there, and it is still cheaper than buying all those books!

Here are some things I'm doing to combat that, though. . .

First of all, I let each girl pick 5 books each, so that's an easy number to remember.

I have a rule that all library books must stay in the school room. They can go in the school room anytime to read them, but no more pulling books from between walls and beds or other random places :)

The next thing is I lay all the books out and take pictures of them so if one does go missing we can figure out which one it is, and look for it with a picture in our minds of what we're looking for!

Here is the picture of our current stash (there are 12 because I got 2 books about ants for them).


Jenny said...

Our library has an online program. I can request books online, see the ones I've checked out, look at what holds I'm waiting for, renew books, etc. A few years ago, they changed the overdue policy for books. Now there is like a 15 day overlap before you are charged, but the fee is much higher.

The DVD's are still $1 for each day they are overdue, I think...usually I get them in ASAP!

That's a bummer that it's costing you so much to use the library, you need to move :)

Liz said...

I write on the calendar when they are due so I know. I hope your fees soon start going down.

Christy said...

I pay a lot in overdue fees too. Often it is because I request a book for a specific theme or project I have in mind and we don't get to it on time and I forget to renew it. I can access my account online to see what books we have out and what is due when but I don't always do that. We go to the library at least twice a week so books are due back on different days. I'm working on it. We have paid for two lost books so I try to keep track of them and we do not take them out of the house because the two books we lost were lost at the doctor's office!

~Maria said...

Our library emails us the list of books due, a few days before they are due, so we have time to round them up. That said, we keep a "library book basket" and try very hard to stay on top of keeping library books in that basket only. We also enforce a rule of one book out at a time. Read it and put it back before getting out another. Mainly to keep track of library books, but also just to teach neatness and self-control.

Amanda said...

I have a big canvas tote bag that is used only for library books. I also use a luggage tag to slip our library cards into and attach them to the bag. We grab a book for bedtime, or afternoon reading but the book always goes back to the bag when we finish.

Our library just started printing out receipts of our books which I keep in the bag too just in case one goes missing!

K-tribe said...

I returned a bunch about month ago in the slot. I have not been back to see if any are missing. At this point I don't want to know!! Is that wrong?? :-)