Thursday, March 14, 2013

Camping Out

The girls decided last night to spend the night in their playhouse.  They watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the first one, not the one with creepy Johnny Depp), had their dolls in their pajamas watching with them, had some candy, and did a craft.

The best part of all, Mary Helen said this morning, "I had a pajama party with one of my BFFs" and pointed to her sister.  THAT is such a desire of my heart - to see my kids look to each other as best friends.  It so often seems they are fighting with each other and driving each other crazy!  But, now and then, they realize for a bit that they are FRIENDS!  I imagine there will be arguing today, but that's okay.  I'm one blessed mama!

Here they are this morning after coming in.  Daniel was so excited to see them coming that he started cheering when we saw them making their way through the backyard :)

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