Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Birthday, Anna! and projects from the week. . .

Today we celebrated sweet Anna's birthday. She doesn't actually turn two for another week or so, but this was the only day we could work out for everybody to get together. We had a gardening theme, so the kids painted flower pots. We decided not to plant flowers, and it was a good thing because it started raining just as they finished up painting, and rained the rest of the party. I am not complaining about rain, we were glad to see it!! We had planned to be kind of in and out, we just went with mostly in! Of course, Joel had to grill hamburgers in the rain, but he didn't melt!

Here are a few pictures from the party. Notice the new chalkboard addition to the kitchen...that is going to be our homeschool zone. Under the chalkboard is a curtain rod with curtain clips to hold misc. papers and charts for school. The next to last picture has nothing to do with the party, but is a project that I've been working on for a few weeks (I got delayed by a broken sewing machine!). Also, the very last picture is what I decided to do with the back entry.

Enjoy the pictures!

This is a laundry sorter, and I have another one just like it. I hope it will save me tons of time!!

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Elise said...

What a fun-looking party!! Your laundry sorter is so cute and I love what you've done with the entryway. I so love your chalkboard, too!! There...done with the praise. Hee,hee!! Next time you can send the rain to us-we need it.
Hope you enjoy your week!!