Friday, December 12, 2008

Showing off my garland

Ok, I have had too much fun looking at all the garland at the Nester's party! You have to check it out here

So, even though so many of them put mine to shame, here is mine (at least so far!)

They, of course, look much better at night. The cord by the double doors still needs to be tacked back so it's not so obvious. In the kitchen, I plan to add some pretty ornaments, but a sick child and a nearly sick mama have kept me from getting out today. Sofar, my garlad has cost me less than $5, and that was for the sparkly stick things that I used in there and the tree.

Hopefully the garland in the kitchen will look good after I get the ornaments in it!

Thanks for taking a look!


Amity said...

It looks beautiful!

Kathy said...

It all looks GREAT! And you can't beat the price! LOL!