Tuesday, December 9, 2008

WooHoo! The Christmas spirit has hit!

I helped my grandmother decorate her house for Christmas yesterday, and it made me decide I want to put my trees up.

I love Christmas! I will post pictures when I get everything done tomorrow (hopefully tomorrow!)

We also watched the Charlie Brown Christmas special last night which really put me in the spirit...we have been working hard to teach our girls the real meaning of Christmas. I love that the major networks are still airing the Charlie Brown Christmas that tells the real Christmas story.

I hope you are all keeping Christ in Christmas!

A quick, cute story about our Anna today...as I was putting up the Christmas tree, she came in and squatted beside me as I was tucking lights in the tree. She looked at me and said, "Good job, high five!" That's the most she's said all at once ever, I believe! It made it totally worth pulling the tree out of the garage!

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