Friday, January 16, 2009

Little Lamp Makeover

I got this lamp from my great aunt, and it was yellow with gold accents, and some ugly blue ribbon hot glued around it. It was stuck in a closet when I found it, but she was crafty, so it was probably cute for whatever she made it for. I painted it and added the stuff around the top. I think it turned out pretty cute (my model is pretty cute too!).

My John Deere dresser is still in the works. It has been too cold for me to get out there.

Here is our one picture from our trip to Savannah.

I took it myself. We looked bad because the weather was bad. We did, despite the cold rain, have a great time! We got to eat at Lady and Sons (Paula Deen's restaraunt), and we ate lots of good seafood and looked in lots of antique stores. We took a trolley tour and heard some of the stories of the ghosts that supposedly haunt Savannah.


Audra Krell said...

Hi Hadley,
I love your blog, I have enjoyed reading some of your latest posts this morning. My first thought was that you guys look great in your picture! Also, I love the lamp and your model. Most important, I appreciate what you said in your profile, it's critical that we are life-long learners of what it means to help our husbands. I believe, that there is no greater joy, because at that point, we are walking in truth. Have a blessed week!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Hello my new blog friend! Thanks so much for your comments and I"m sorry I'm just getting back in touch with you!
OK- to answer you question about the toys- No, unfortunately, only about 1/3 of the toys are in the bins. We keep out the train table and trains (because they play with those every day), stuffed animals, big toys (that wouldn't fit in a bin, mini-tramp, etc. There's still WAY too much out, but we have 2 young boys, so we're dealing with it!
And what is a ceiling fan cleaner? Is that a person who is really tall who comes only for the fans? Or is there a special spray or something for it? I just use a regular old dust cloth and pledge (every other year...or so) and it works fine! Oh, and me, too with the fan running! Surely the dust will fly off, right?

So great to "meet" you and feel free to e-mail me, too: :-)

Elise said...

Hey Hadley,
Great makeover on the lamp and such a cute model!! You and your husband are precious, too!! And, I am jealous you got to eat at Lady and Sons. I got to see Paula Deen when she came to town when I was pregnant back in early fall of 2007. Some people were getting to eat the food she cooked, and there I was all pregnant, sick, and starving, and this girl up there on stage did not even eat her food. I could not believe it!!
I want to go to Savannah one day with my husband, too. Sounds like fun!!