Monday, January 26, 2009

Princess Lamp

I did my first little ragamuffin garland as seen on the Nester's site. I had some princess fabric that I hot glued on the lamp, then glued the ragamuffin around the bottom. I still want to spruce up the brassy bottom, probably with some spray paint. This is (obviously) for my little girls' room. I have a few more things planned for their room, and will show you as I get them done.


Elise said...

Cute lamp shade!! Very clever to do the rag garland at the bottom!!

Anna Sophia said...

What a cute lamp! I am so glad you were inspired by my canisters. Now, whenever you get them filled with cookies and such, you have a great use for them. I really liked the idea of being able to re-write the contents because I change them so often. It really dressed it up too. When you make your post it, I really want to see them!! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Gray Matters said...

That's adorable - you can't get much cuter than that!