Friday, June 27, 2008

decorating help, please!

Alright, I finally have some pictures of things going on around the house!

The first picture is just to show off the wonderful deal my aunt got at our favorite thrift store! Arent' they beautiful? Wanna guess how much she paid for them?

This one is my back entry (where everyone comes in). We no longer have the tv plugged in, so I stuck it in a closet. Now I have this wicker armoir practically empty! I moved it to the back door so we could throw-i mean hang- our coats in it. So, my question is should I paint the armoir, the bench, or both? And if I do, what color should they be?

Finally, this picture shows my new cross I got from Hobby Lobby for $4!! (I made my first trip there last week...I'm hooked!) The problem, obviously, is that it is very sad and lonely there where he is! So, any wonderful ideas of what I can hang there? I am thinking of two collage frames (like the one over the bench with 3 pictures) with some family pictures...whaddaya think?

My aunt and I have been painting some trays for my grandparents, and today we are hopefully going to start working on painting a border in Anna's room. I'll post some pictures as we finish. I love having my aunt here to do fun projects.

By the way, my aunt is here to stay with my grandparents while my mom is on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. Please keep her and the team in your prayers!!


Elise said...

These are my favorite kind of questions!! I would paint the armoire and bench black, red, or green and distress them. Helpful, I know!! And have you thought about a collage of crosses on that wall where you have only one? Have you considered maybe hanging hooks above the bench? You may not need to since you have the armoire there, but I saw in a magazine where they had a bench and above it a piece of moulding with big iron hooks-I loved the look!!
I have a bookcase in our playroom/schoolroom that I think I am going to paint green, then go over with antique white and distress it to have some of the green show through. I have lots of little projects that I need to start and finish. Preferably before fall!!
Can't wait to see what you decide to do...

Kristin said...

I love the tiles above your stove! As far as the bench an armoire... I would paint them different colors. Do you have a color that is dominant in your house? I use a lot of black on furniture, so that might be cute for the armoire. But for the bench, I would want to do something vibrant and crazy, like a really pretty green or red.