Saturday, June 28, 2008

Moving on...

That's what my neighbors are doing today. The girls and I spent the morning helping our neighbors do a few last minute things (mostly we entertained their 2 year old, so they could do some last minute things!). They pulled out around noon to move up north.

When we moved in last October, they dropped by and introduced themselves. Nice enough people. A couple of days later, the girls and I were outside and Mrs. Neighbor and her son walked over and played and chatted. So began a friendship. The last place we lived, we had neighbors, but I still drove to walmart if I needed a cup of sugar. Not here. I don't know if everyone has good neighbors, but this couple topped the charts in my book!

We enjoyed meals together, time letting the kids play, and just chatting. She could walk in, without knocking, and step over all my junk and I wouldn't get embarassed. That's a real friend!

Mary Helen is trying to process that they're moving to a new house, but I don't think she realizes it will be a long, long time before we see them again. I do hope we'll see them again, so I'm not going to say never!


mom2triplets04 said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. The kitchen set I got at a yard sale for $10. The computer desks my husband ordered on line but he doesn't remember which website. They are just tables with small draw. The art desks I got at Walmart for $30 each. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

Susie from Bienvenue said...

I know what it's like to have a friend move on... I lost two to Houston Texas in one month... I have yet to get over that loss. I do travel to Texas more now... Susie H~