Saturday, June 21, 2008

Get rid of the TV??

Alright, if you read about our behavior boot camp, then you know we had two tv-free days. Today makes three (Mary Helen also has no computer time today and we aren't able to go swimming at her friend's house today...may be soon she'll learn that these are her choices, but I digress!). What I've noticed with no television is that my girls are playing together, they're spending time outside, they're (gasp!) using their imaginations! Mary Helen is more helpful (putting away laundry, folding towels, picking up toys, etc).

So, has anyone else taken the plunge? How do you break it to the poor kiddo who adores tv? I wouldn't mind watching a show or two a day, or a movie on a cold or rainy day, but I tend to let Mary Helen zone out too much. It's my fault, but it's not healthy.

I started thinking about this whole idea on day two of no tv, then today I was reading in my devotion book that I promised I wouldn't mention again (oops). This is what it had to say about reducing stress, and turning off the media: "Mary Pipher in her book The Shelter of Each Other, speaks of the damage of the media and its potential to add stress. She recounts an interesting story about a girl from Tonga. Pipher asked what it would be like to grow up in a world without media. The girl responded, 'I never saw television...unitl I cam to the United States in high school. I had a happy childhood. I felt safe all the time. I didn't know I was poor. Or that parents hurt their children or that children hated parents. I thought I was pretty.'" Wow.

So, it got me to thinking. Sure there's not much harm in public tv. In fact, Mary Helen's learned quite a lot from some of the shows. But, soon she's going to outgrow SuperWhy and Curious George. Then what? Change to "family-friendly" Disney so we can fight dressing and acting like Hannah Montana? (I've never actually seen the show, but from choices Ryley Cyrus or whatever her name is is making, I don't want her to be my daughters' role model.) Family-friendly standards are getting lowered all the time.

What has the media and television taught me? It's taught me that I'm not pretty enough, skinny enough, rich enough. My house is too small. My furniture is out dated. My husband doesn't make enough money. Men are stupid. Women are superior. I need to be me. I need time for me. I need to have a career. Me. Me. Me. More. More. More.

I have to tell you since we quit watching tv about 6 months ago, I've not missed it. Now, we've caught up on Grey's Anatomy online (not exactly wholesome, I know). Joel still watches the Office on Netflix, and we pop dvds into the laptop a couple times a week. But, HGTV is not ruling my life, I'm not tempted to veg out instead of doing something more productive (at least not tempted by the tv! blogs and naps are still too tempting some days!)

So, ramble over. Does your family watch too much tv?

I'm going to work on a few projects...check back later tonight or tomorrow for pictures of my latest sewing adventures!


Elise said...

Um, yes, on too much tv watching. And just the other day on Arthur, I heard bleep, bleep. Apparently, the had older men on the show and they were bleeping what they said. I thought it was so unnecessary. Also, I heard that on Buster they were going to show a same sex parent family. I do not need a cartoon trying to influence my child's morals or lack of. I had thought that no tv was a little extreme, but now am liking the idea more and more.
By the way, what curriculum are you doing this fall?

Elise said...

You are quick! I think we might do Sonlight. I like the idea of it, but pricewise, it is up there. I might have to sell off one of my children to get it!! I think one of my friends did Stick Figure Bible something or another and it sounded neat the way she described it. Like you read the story and your child draws what they heard. I thought about using our AWANA book for part of the Bible lesson also. I did think about looking on Ebay to get some stuff or we have a consignment shop that sells a lot of hs stuff. I would like to check out her shop again without the children!
Hope you have a great week!!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Thank you so much for that sweet comment. I have wanted to take that post down so many times from fear of hurt feelings. I tell you this world can be so ugly. thank you... Susie H

Joyful Abode said...

We don't have cable or even bunny ears, so our TV is basically just a screen to play DVDs on. We get netflix (the one that lets you have 2 DVDs at a time), and even if we watch each DVD the day it comes in and return it the next day, we end up with one DVD-less day for every 2 days of DVDs.

So I would say our TV time is not excessive at all.

Internet time is another story (especially for me because I read so many blogs, plus write for a website, write for my own website, and run my online store and portfolio)... definitely my vice.