Thursday, May 14, 2009

Beach Theme Books

Head over to the Bookworm's Booklist for some great recommendations for a beach theme!

She has great booklists for lots of themes. Her blog is bursting with books! Enjoy your visit and show her some love with your comments!


Denise said...

Bookworm's Booklist is great! Thanks for recommending it!

Bookworm said...


Thank you so much for sending your other blogging buddies my way! That means so much to me!!!

I wanted to tell you too..Did you know that you can order books online from your local library? You just "request" them and the librarians pull them off the shelf for you. They send you an email saying they are ready. Then you just run in and pick them up. I usally pick mine up within 24 hours.

I didnt know if you knew this or not but I wanted to tell you b/c it is SUCH a time saver for me!

Thanks again for blogging about lil' ol' me!!!