Monday, May 4, 2009

Books! Books! Books!

At our house, we love workbooks and activity books. It is not unusual for Mary Helen to sit down with a dollar store alphabet workbook and do the whole thing while she watches tv.

These are sticker books and a few activity books. The stickers are all reusable, so these will last as long as we keep up with all our stuff! These are going in my bag for when I need quick, quiet, small entertainment (church, doctor's office, etc.)

The Draw Write Now books caught my eye, I love the way they are set up to let them draw, write, and learn all at once! I actually got this book in my free gift for subscribing to The Old Schoolhouse magazine. I picked up the workbook at another vendor during the convention. I plan to do one of these a week in workboxes.

These are coloring and activity books to fit themes I plan for us to do in the coming year. The two blue books have information on lots of animals included.

Here are some of Anna's goodies that will go in her quiet time bags.

Drawing books that Mary Helen enjoys. The Dora one will go in her vacation travel box. The others will be in quiet time bags.

Paint with water! I never see these books around here. These will go one page at a time in workboxes.

These books will be split up between summer travel, quiet boxes, and workboxes.


Bookworm said...

In June I am going to be asking (begging!;-) people to post about BOOKS and add their link to a Mr. Linky. I hope you will consider posting this one or another one....or more than one if you like!

I just LOVE books, and I LOVE what others share abotu books. I'd love to have a place where all of our book efforts are gatehred into one, so that's my goal for June!

Thanks for sharing! Such FUN!

The Mommy said...

I found your comment on my blog and had to check yours out. I LOVE your school ideas/area! Looks like you are very organized and doing a great job!

The Mommy said...

Ok, I just have to comment again after re-reading your blog. I am definately adding you to my family blogroll I have been really struggling lately if homeschool is a good fit for my children and our family. After re-reading you, I feel at peace with my decision and have renewed encouragement that I can do it. Thank you for that and SO glad I saw you on ohmygluestick. Now, I just wish you lived in Texas! =)

Elise said...

Love all the workbooks!! I haven't seen paint by numbers in a while. Or is it the kind you just use water on a paintbrush??

Momma Snail said...

I love draw-write-now books. We also like dot to dot books.

Hadley said...

those are just water paint books. I haven't seen them since i've had children! I think they'll enjoy them :)