Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Beach Week Begins!

We kicked off our beach theme today. Mary Helen did lots of work today! I moved her from 6 boxes to 9 boxes today. She was a real trooper through it all ~ she even had a couple of extra chores today that she did without complaining! She is really maturing!

Here are some pictures from our day!

Here are our workboxes for today:

1. Math Sheet (we are using Horizons)

2. Bob books (we read book 3 today. it is challenging for her, but she is doing great!)

3. Shells and palm trees ~ she had to make two patterns for me.

4. Draw Write Now - Our book has a whole section of ocean habitats! We spread one lesson over three days. She writes two lines on each of the first two days then does the picture on the last day.

5. sign language cards ~ we are starting with the alphabet. I am adding in 5 a day until we finish, then I will introduce word cards more slowly.

6. Fishy swizzle sticks - used as pointers for our ocean words in the "beach" area.

7. Book about animals that live in the water, fun foam ocean glasses, and Nemo gummies.

8. Two worksheets: one about fish with several fish to color, and one to count different things under the ocean (

9. Leap Frog phonics puzzle game.

Here she is with her shell/palm tree patterns.

and doing her Draw Write Now book.
ocean words (words printed from kidssoup, pocket charts from dollar spot at Target!)

Reading at the beach!

Anna also enjoyed the Nemo gummies!

When Mary Helen finished the shell patterning, I put the shells and palm trees in the pool for Anna and my day care child to play with. They had a ball too!
We have lots more fun stuff planned for the next couple of weeks!


Jenny said...

How fun! I also have a $1 spot pocket chart from Target! I wish I would have bought more.

SkylarKD said...

My goodness, you are so creative!
How long did it take you to prepare all of this?!

Your girls are lucky to have such a creative Mama!

Hadley said...

This really did not take long to put together. I got the pool and chairs from our backyard, the beach balls from Michael's dollar bins, and most everything else from the dollar tree. I just started collecting things and throwing them in a box. I try to think about what themes are coming up and pick up stuff when I see it.

A lot of the things we will be using came from the dollar tree!

I also have fallen in love with - I think their subscription fee is well worth it :)

The Mommy said...

You are seriously an inspiration!

Momma Snail said...

Is that the back of your couch? You are a genius! This is seriously, the CUTEST beach theme I have ever seen! I love the girls decked out in the glasses/hat/leis. So cute! It is so festive!

Jane said...

Love the beach and can't wait for the real beach! Too cute~

Bookworm said...

You are so creative! You take the cake!

Loving all you are sharing!

I posted a bunch of Beach Books last night after I saw your post. You inspired me! I picked them up from the library this evening. I'm SO excited to read them with my children tomorrow!

Look forward to hearing about more of your fun in the sun!!!

Christy said...

That looks like so much fun! Great ideas.

Clemencia said...

Very creative, and fun, love your blog, thanks for sharing :)