Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tot School

Have you read about Tot School? I am going to be using this for a lot of ideas for Anna this year. Go here to read all about it. That link has a page of all the bloggers who participate in tot school, and gives a great description of what it's all about. You can even use many of these ideas in workboxes!


SkylarKD said...

Thanks for the info - that's a fantastic site!

Carisa said...

Thanks for mentioning Tot School, I am glad you found us! I love when new moms of tots join in with us, our little online community is growing so much!

;) Carisa

teachingyoungchildren said...

I just recently found Tot school from ABC and 123 Picnic. It sounds like a lovely site, and I will definitely participate. That's how I found your site as well. I am not a true homeschooler (my daughter who happens to be Anna as well) already goes to preschool for 2 days a week, but I am always looking for things to do with her, so I'll be checking back