Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Easy, Cheap, but not so Quick!

We are having a Women Missionary Union (WMU) Spring Banquet at our church tonight. There will be about half a dozen churches represented there. I was in charge of decorating. The thing about it is we had to do 20 tables, and while we have a budget for WMU, we'd rather spend our money on actual mission projects...so I had to decorate frugally! So, I took advantage of the church's cricut, construction paper, and hurricanes. Got Easter eggs, paper shreds, and tissue paper from the dollar store and a pack of Martha's scrapbook paper from WalMart. Here's the result:

20 tables for a total cost of around $30. Not to bad. Cutting all those letters from the cricut was rather time consuming, but thankfully my sweet friend Tracey spent those 4 hours helping me!


Elise said...

That turned out so cute!! And I laughed when I saw "our heifers" on your sidebar!!
And, no, April is not too soon!! Also, the antique festival is every month.

proudgrits11 said...

Ah-HA! Looks like you're not short on creative ideas--you go, girl!! I always say, it's easy to be amazing with a huge budget but to do it frugally is a gift!!

Katie, Kevin and kids said...

These center pieces are adorable! Very clever!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Hadley- You did a FABULOUS job, Sweetie! You should be proud of yourself! Lori