Thursday, March 12, 2009

John Deere Green Again

Cute John Deere Green

Not so cute John Deere Green

Some of you may remember when I showed you this horrible dresser that I was going to re-do. Well, it has actually been finished for several weeks, but I've never put up a picture. I don't have a great picture, but this is one from the baby shower that was hosted at my house last weekend. I put the dresser in my dining room to serve as a buffet. So far, I love it! I still have to work on decorating it and the wall above it (I'm working on a little something-something for the wall!).

It's sort of covered up with baby sweetness, but you can see the difference! Hopefully today I'll finish up my project for over it. Then sometime in the next several weeks (ha!) I'll put pictures of it!


Elise said...

I saw it in person and it looks so much better now!! Love it!!

Janna said...

Great job on the want to come do a couple for me? ;) It is NICE to "meet" you too!

Whitney said...

You are great! That dresser looks AWESOME!