Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hospitality 4

I have been perusing the internet looking to see what other folks are saying about hospitality. Here's what Momstheword had to say about the topic.

That is what it is like to make our homes "sing." As homemakers, we have the ability to make our home a place of rest and beauty and welcome, or we can make it a place that people can't wait to get out of...including our own family.

She has lots of other great stuff on the topic as well. Please go check out her post.

One thing I want to touch on here, though, is the last bit of that excerpt..."including our own family".

We may make a fuss over details when we have guests, but what about for those who live in our home? I will admit to you that this is something I struggle with. It is easy to get lost in the mundane activities of day-to-day life. We are doing good to just get a meal on the table, never mind setting the table neatly, putting flowers on the table, or lighting candles.

Last week I did go out and cut lots of greenery and flowers and put all over the house to make it homey for us. We weren't expecting any company, just the four of us. (Now I won't mention that my sweet husband sat in the living room where there were 5 vases of stuff that weren't there the day before for probably an hour and didn't notice the first one!)

Here are a few suggestions for showing your hospitality to your family...making your home a haven...

~fresh flowers on the dinner table
~use cloth napkins
~light candles
~leave a note or special treat on each person's pillow
~tell your family how much you enjoy their company

What will you do this week to make your family feel special at home?


Sarah said...

I just love cloth napkins and make a huge set not long ago out of a table cloth. We are enjoying them...and I think it really does say "home."

Go check out your award for your awesome ideas!


momstheword said...

What a lovely post. I'm not so sure my husband would have noticed right away either, lol!

The funny thing is that when we do things like this, sometimes the kids will ask "Are we expecting company? Why are you doing this." Isn't that sad? Clearly, I don't do it enough.

Thank you for the linky love and the encouragement to bless my family today!

Elise said...

Wow, I definitely want to implement doing the "nice things" for my family. I think they would appreciate it. Not to mention know that they are more special than friends. Also, I have read on The Homespun Heart about making your home a haven. That is also something I want to do. I struggle with clutter and I have read about clutter on the outside can mirror the clutter on the inside{our hearts}. Mine is in a sad state, I'm afraid. Lots of changes need to be made.
Love this post, Hadley!! Can't wait until you come!!