Thursday, April 16, 2009

After Easter Sale Goodies!

I stopped in Walgreens on Tuesday afternoon. I was hoping to get some Peeps to put up for a couple of weeks until we start studying about nests. I have seen some great crafts and recipes, and want the little chicks to put in some yummy nests.

Anyways, of course they had all their Easter stuff marked down. Mostly 50%, some 75%. We don't "do" the Easter bunny, so I hadn't really looked at all the stuff they put out just for the holiday. I got SO much good stuff! I also hit up the Walmart clearance aisle yesterday. Take a look at what I got!

Egg Dye kits. Now it's a good enough deal to have less than half price kits for next year, but it gets better!

These are the cups that hold the dye from one of the kits (I bought 2 of each since I've got two girls). These cups can be used for sorting, painting, etc all year long!

Fun cups for drinking or for storing stuff (think how cute they could be with scrapbook paper, and used to hold art supplies on a lazy susan!)

These grow capsule things. They are cheap little things that I normally would never buy, but I am putting them in my emergency bag for the vacations we've got coming up (one with just us, and two with Joel's family that will include up to 7 children under 5!) Fifty cents is a small price to pay for 15 minutes of entertainment!

These stickers came in the other egg dye kit. I am going to put them in their travel play kits (I'll show them once I get them put together)

Coloring books - 75cents each!

Princess puzzles $1.74! (regular $6.99)
Disney princess sticker coloring crafts (got two at $1.74 each!)
And another $1.74 princess item - a board game! All the princess stuff will go on vacations, hidden until we need them. If my some miracle we don't have to use them, we will save them for Christmas :)
Cute little sippy cups just for the fun of it!

Notepads, stickers, and mini puzzles ~ for the travel kits!

What fun! I can't believe all the stuff I got that really isn't all that Easter"ish"! I hope there will be some good boredome busters!

Next week sometime I'll show you the other things I've collected to keep the kiddos entertained on vacation!


kathy said...

One of the things I would do with all of these is put them in a container for last minute play time outside with friends, I would also take them when we go camping just for extra fun projects.

I posted a while back about putting peeps in the microwave as a science experiment. Let me know if you're interested; I'll look it up.

We also put peeps in our hot chocolate

Elise said...

You got some great deals!! Good idea for travel kits!!