Friday, April 17, 2009

Springtime is in the air!

div>One last thing I got on after Easter clearance was these tulip muffin tins. I wanted to get two of them, and I sure couldn't drop $9 each for them. I snagged them for 50% off. I probably could have waited them out and may be they would have gone for less; but we do muffin tin lunches a couple times a month, and we can always bake in them. Which is what we did yesterday. Twice!

I made our muffin breakfast in them yesterday morning, then this is what we did in the afternoon:

sorry, no particular order here :) ~ this is the girls mixing the icing with food coloring in ziplock bags...

Here are the yummy cupcakes fresh out of the oven (we mixed them with food coloring right in the tin). I shaved the tops off so that they would sit flat, and I reserved the puffy tops to make a mini trifle (truffle or trifle?).

Don't worry, we aren't sending these off to anyone. . . so you don't have to worry about that finger licking!
Anna's masterpieces:

Mary Helen's masterpieces:

I also saved what was left of the icing to use on sugar cookies next week!

What a fun afternoon!


Sarah said...

Oh what adorable pictures of your girls! And what yummy cupcakes!!

kathy said...

Where did you find the tins? Love these! Fun pictures!

Sharon said...

So glad that someone else's baking adventures look just like ours! :) It is SO much fun isn't it!?! Thanks for the pics!

Katie said...

Looks like fun, it would also be fun to color small portions of the batter with different colors and make a cupcake rainbow. Can you tell I'm working on the rainbow post for tomorrow at ABC & 123? I've got rainbows on the brain, LOL!

Also wanted to pop in and tell you we are still planning on doing a toddler activity bag post but right now it'd consist of your post only! I've got someone else planning on posting one soon. So I haven't forgotten and we are going to do it, we just have to find some more!

Jenny said...

How fun and messy! LOL! Those are the cutest tulip tins.

sunnymama said...

Great pictures. They are having so much fun!

Sarah said...

What fun! I love the tulip tins. Your girls seem to be loving them as well. What is better than free reigh over the frosting?? Thanks for linking! Enjoy your weekend~

Elise said...

That is so cute!! Cory really likes you and said you are welcome back anytime!! He also said that if Joel was anywhere as nice as you that he must be a great guy. We *heart* Hadley!!