Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Keeping My Head Above Water

On Thursday, Anna had her tonsils and adnoids removed. We came home on Friday, and have been trying to keep her hydrated enough to stay out of the hospital enough. We've also let her get by with things we don't normally let her get away with. It's already coming back to get us. She has been horribly grumpy and whiny.

So, today is the day I am going to try to take back my house. Yesteday, I abandoned all responsibilities and the girls and I went to my grandparents house all day. Then, I took fast food to Joel in the field, and I came home and put the girls to bed. But, today, we are going to get back on schedule. If. It. Kills. Us. (and I think it might).

Mary Helen has been acting out some, and I think it's a mix of being on the go and off schedule so much. Anna's been getting the best of my attention, and Joel has been working late nights. I noticed a great difference in Mary Helen's behavior in the weeks on the schedule, so if for no other reason, we are going back for her.

I hope to have some interesting things to post about soon, but for now, I am just trying to keep my head above water.

For a great read on setting the tone in your home, head over to We Are THAT Family and see what Kristen had to say today.

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Elise said...

Oh, Hadley, I hope everything gets straightened back up soon. I know it seems that we want to baby the sick one, but they seem to know and take advantage sometimes. They can play you like a fiddle, can't they?? I know Lilly can cry on demand!! ;)