Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mama King from 4 Crazy Kings has tagged me in 8 Is Enough. This was HARD!

8 Things I am Looking Forward to:
1. Going to see Elise this weekend!!
2. Taking our first ever family vacation with just the four of us (and our babysitter LOL)
3. Another weekend with just me and the Dairy King!
4. Eat chocolate everyday and not gain weight!
5. Having all my sewing and crafting stuff organized (almost there!)
6. Homeschool Convention (about 2 weeks!)
7. Mary Helen being able to read
8. Having my own craft room (I can dream, right?!)

8 Things I did Yesterday:
1. Went to Sonic Happy Hour (Every Tuesday!)
2. Ate fish stew for the first time in nearly 10 years.
3. Got fun stuff at Walgreens after Easter sale!
4. Held a newborn baby
5. Laundry
6. Spent 2 hours all by myself (Got to love that babysitter!)
7. Wore flip flops!
8. Put my make up on in the car (at 3pm)

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
1. Read and follow a pattern.
2. Sew and craft while I blog jog!
3. Have time to clean, homeschool, organize, craft, and garden all while having time to read and spend time with the family :)
4. Take another cruise!
5. Sleep every night. (insomnia....)
6. Get to meet a lot of the wonderful bloggers I follow :)
7. Open an etsy shop
8. Decide how to decorate our playroom.

8 Shows I Watch:
I'm not sure I watch 8 shows!
1. Grey's Anatomy
2. Jon and Kate Plus 8 (when I get the chance)
3. 18 Kids and Counting (when I get the chance)
4. Other than that I sit on my laptop while my sweet husband watches Law and Order and Cops (rolls eyes LOL)

Now I'm supposed to tag 8 people to do this. . .so here goes
1. Elise at Nest Sweet Nest ~ Now my "real life" friend!
2. Katie at A Listmaker's Life
3. Janna at Happiness is a Journey ~ My friend I met through the swap!
4. Sarah at I Blame My Mother
5. Jenny at Our Nifty Notebook ~ I've just recently found this Jenny, but she's got great stuff!
6. Hillary at The Other Mama


Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

What a great was fun getting to know you a bit better! Isn't blogging the best? I've made some of the dearest friends through blogging. thanks for your sweet lifted me up...and I sure needed that! So thanks.


p.s. your family is beautiful and your girls are absolutely adorable!

Jenny said...

How fun. I am going to start my post now.

I have trouble sleeping too!

Katie, Kevin and kids said...

Thanks for the tag! Wasn't this a fun one to do? I'm jealous that you were able to wear flip flops already!!

Sarah said...

Fun! Thanks for the tag :)