Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Swap Goodies!

I'm sorry it took me so long to get this up, Janna!

I had a wonderful swap partner for the Spring Swap hosted by Whitney! You should go check out Janna's blog ~ she has lost over 100 pounds and has blogged about her experience. This girl is an inspiration (I'm typing on the treadmill!)! She recently met her goal on the Weight Watchers program, which I am also doing.

I was nice enough not to send her my favorite spring dessert recipe or my favorite Easter candy (Cadbury eggs, I only had ONE this season ~ yay for self control!)

Anyways, here are the goodies:

All sorts of spring goodies - a little wire chair candle holder, bucket, flower hang-y thing (my girls tried to claim that!), aloe fuzzy socks, a blue cross, pink and brown (love it!) note pad set, a spiral notebook with the neates tear out cards with an H on them, a reusable shopping bag in it's own nifty pouch, a letter H decoration ~ can you believe all the goodies?!

But she didn't stop there ~ she included stuff for my girls!! these adorable sun dresses, and they each got a butterfly, stuffed bunny, and hair clips. (Mary Helen had already taken hers and put them in her room so they didn't get to get in the picture).

Thanks so much, Janna! We love it all!


Jaime said...

Wow, what an inspiration she is, and so many cute goodies too. BTW, I love the crayon molds you made. Perfect for summer...very cute!

Whitney said...

So fun!

~Maria said...

I just wanted to say hello and that I have enjoyed checking out your blog! I will be back! We are just starting homeschooling too and I am getting our workboxes all set up. Thank you for some great ideas! God bless! ~Maria

Jenny said...

That is awesome that she has lost 100 pounds!

Congratulations for doing WW. I lost and have kept off 32 pounds.

Mama King said...

Hi Hadley, I tagged you on 8 is enough. I forgot I was suppose to tag people! Ooops!

The Rosetto's said...

Those dresses are adorable!

Janna said...

Yeah Hadley!

I am so glad that I got the chance to get to know you! I am happy that you guys liked the stuff I picked out for you! Now if only they made those cute dresses in grown up sizes! I would SO have one!

Have a great day!!