Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fun News! We're Having a Swap!

Another note - please let us know when you sign up if you'd be willing to have an international swap partner. Thanks!

Edited to add ~ if you sign up for the swap, we will send you an email confirming that we have you signed up! If you do not get an email from us within a day, please email me again :)

Have you been waiting anxiously for the big announcement from Christy from Superheroes and Princess and me? The wait is over. We are so excited to announce our plans to co-host the Super Summer Swap!

What is the Super Summer Swap you ask? It is a fun way for our children to make some friends this summer. The participants will put together little packages to exchange with other children of similar age.

Why should your child participate?
1. What child wouldn't like to get some mail?
2. It will be a fun summer project.
3. Your child can learn a little bit about another child from another state.
4. Pen pals are always a possibility if the children want to continue the friendship.
5. Why not?

So, here is how it works:
1. It is open to all children of bloggers through elementary age.
2. Sign up between June 15 and June 22.
3. We will match children based on age and partners will be notified by June 26.
4. All packages should be mailed by August 3.
5. When you receive your package, write a post about it and we will have a Mr. Linky party after the packages all have time to arrive!

Packages should include a minimum of three items from your child; here are some examples: 1.
A postcard or brochure from where you live, 2. a lapbook or scrapbook or something handmade, 3. a photograph or drawing of your child, 4. a special gift that will allow your child's new friend to experience a hobby or interest that your child has or enjoys.
You do not have to spend any money, but please DO NOT spend more than $15.00 on the items that will be exchanged.

You can sign up through comments or email on this blog or the Christy's blog. Please include the following information when you sign up: name(s) of child(ren), age(s) of child(ren), the state in which you live, and your email address. (If you're not comfortable posting any of that information, you may email me at

Please feel free to ask questions, and PLEASE blog about this so that we can get a lot of people involved. This will be more fun if we have a lot of participants!


Orange Juice said...

I am WAY in! fill out more info later!

Elise said...

My kids will be sooo excited about this!! They are always lovin' my swaps, but I KNOW they would prefer one of their own!!

Denise said...

We would love to participate! I'll email my information to you.

Terry in Alberta (Home Sweet Homeschooler) said...

Just wondering if we can sign up for more than one pal per child?

I'd love to send out 2 boxes per our own child - so they in turn would receive 2 boxes back....

Is that allowed?

Terry in Alberta

The Harris Family said...

This looks like a lot of fun.

Annette said...

I gave my info to Christy...just wanted to say it's a great idea!

abcmomof3 said...

What a great idea.. Would love to see if this could be for older children as well.. I have a 14 yr old daughter that seems to be always left out on things like this thinking she is too old to enjoy this but I know she would love it.. Otherwise, I have two boys ages 10 and 7 that would love their own swap partners. we live in Montana and I will blog about this to get more people :) thanks for doing this..

Marvan said...

Can we participate from Spain?

SkylarKD said...

I emailed my info to Christy. What a fun summer project - thanks for organizing it! :)

(and thanks for opening it up to us international folks!)

SkylarKD said...

You gals need to create a button/banner for the Super Summer Swap!

Jenny said...

Fun! I have a 9 year old, 4 year old, and 2 year old. I'll email you my info!

Amanda said...

Maddie is already signed up for the swap and has been talking about it since! I was wondering if you knew how you were going to match up the kids. Mad of course has ideas of things she wants to send to her buddy and of course they tend to involve glitter and pink! haha

Mama King said...

Count us in!

Lulu (almost 4) & Emme (almost2)
New Jersey

Fruitful Vine2 said...

Coming to the swap via Mama Snails blog. I would love to do this. My boys are 5 & 6. The 6yr old can read and we live on the island of Dominica in the West Indies(not the Dominican Republic). Looking forward to it.

Jennifer said...

Would love to have my son join this. He is 5 and we live in Ohio. My email is mom2kids.stephens at gmail dot com

Thanks so much for this!

Mom, M.Ed. (Jessica) said...

We're local to Hershey, Pa--and think we could offer a really neat package to someone...but, my sonis only 4, so letter-writing is sort of out of the questions. An exchange of preschooler artwork and goodies from Chocolatetown we can do! I'll email you our information. :)

Winston Family said...

count us in!! i have Codey (boy,11), Brogan (girl,6) and Christian (buy, 3 if he can participate i will help him by dictating letters). we are in texas. email is we are doing galloping the globe this school year so international would be awesome! thanks for organizing this!

Zip n Tizzy said...

Definitely interested!
Zip 3, Tizzy 5.
We'll email you our info.

Emily said...

I'm interested. We're in Italy but have a US Military address (so there is no extra postage fee). I have a 20 month old, Nikolas, and a 3 year old, Joshua.
THANKS! What a great idea!

Janna said...

We would love to participate! My two oldest love sending/getting things in the mail. Sawyer is 5 and Campbell is 4.

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Hi! I'd love to join in, and I know Emily would really love this! Emily is five years old, and we live in PA. My email is valerie (at) frugalfamilyfunblog (dot) com

Thank you!

amy said...

My son and I would love to do this! Harrison will be 5 in a few weeks (!) and we live in East TX. My email address is lulu_the_fairy [at]
Amy in East TX

Audrey said...

I sent my info by email. :)

Cariann (unvlmom) said...

We would love to sign up.
I have 2 boys.
Cameron 6 1/2 and Nathan almost 4.

sarah said...

We would love to participate. 4kids a boy 9, girl 7, girl 5, boy 4. Looking forwars to it, and will drop you an email.

Sheri said...

Looks fun! We're on board-8 year old son from MI.

Jennifer said...

We would love to sign up! 3 girls: Elizabeth is 8, Victoria is 3, and Katherine is 2.

Liberty said...

I just emailed our information in to you! Thanks for letting us join in a bit later :)