Saturday, June 27, 2009

Going to Convention Again!

You may remember that I went to convention back in May. Well, to be honest, it was a disappointment compared to my experience last year. SO...I've been saving my pennies, and I'm going again! This time I am looking forward to all of the speakers and encouragement to kick off the year the week I return!

This year, thanks to my friend, Momma Snail, I made business cards. I am printing the front with my blog header and the back with all my personal information. I will use them to enter drawings they may have, or if I meet someone new who I'd like to share information with.

Go check out Momma Snail's great post about convention survival!


Mama King said...

Hi, Yes I did get the info. Thank you! This must be a lot of work! I appreciate it :-) Have fun at Convention.

Jenny said...

I love conventions. Bummer that the other one wasn't that great. Have fun at this one!