Monday, June 22, 2009

Workbox planning form

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I wanted to show you the form I came up with over the weekend for our workbox plans. I don't know how to make the whole form pull up here, so I just took a screenshot of it for you. If you want one of your own, it is very easy to make. I used microsoft word and just inserted a table with 13 rows and 5 columns.

We are going to do school 4 days a week, and I put a category for each box.

My 5 year old Kindergartener will have the following boxes:
Math (we are using Horizon Math, so this will just be the daily lesson)
Writing (3 days will be Draw Write Now, I divide each lesson into 3 days; and the other day will be a letter writing day)
Reading (these will be easy readers, such as Bob books)
Phonics/Sight words (we will switch between the two)
Sign Language
Theme reading
Theme craft or Art
Theme lapbook elements
For fun!
Cleaning Job (this will be an extra daily chore such as dusting, putting away laundry or wiping down the bathroom sink. Sometimes I will throw something in ther like making instant pudding or lemonade)
Misc - for whatever I want her to do!

2 Year Old Preschool Boxes are:
Fine Motor
Shapes and Colors
Theme Reading
Theme craft or art
Sign Language
For Fun!
Cleaning Job
I plan to plan out each week on the weekend so that I don't spend forever each night plundering through deciding what to pull out for the next day.

Do you have a formula for planning? I'd love to hear it!


Christy said...

That sounds great.

Anonymous said...

Sounds very interesting. I would like to know more about journals. What exactly is it, and how do you use it with your 2 year old?

ThroughAMothersEye said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing! I have been playing around with something similar, but this gives me some added ideas. I tend to over think this sort of thing.

Jenny said...

Awesome! It's always easier to do things when there is a plan. Thanks for sharing.

Orange Juice said...

Good JOB!

momma's heart said...

I spoke with my husband about using boxes last night, after seeing this post yesterday. What are the dimensions on the boxes you use? Are they stackable? Thank you so much for the ideas!

And thanks for visiting yesterday, and for sharing your heart.

teachmama said...

Looks awesome! For sharing files w/ all of us who love to not have to reinvent the wheel, consider trying It's awesome for downloading files and then you can hook them to your site; from there, friends can download and make their own. :*)

Annette said...

I just found out you are IRL friends with Kari at the Snail's Trail! She and I have a lot in common, especially our girls. Just stopping by again. :)

Annette said...

I love that the cleaning box has "fun" things too!

Mom, M.Ed. (Jessica) said...

I am a big planner-sometimes I even overplan. I've home preschooled for 2 full years and this (PreK5) will be our third. When I see something isn't working I try to alter it--and in the middle of PreK4 I did just that--I introduced "Activity Boxes." We went from a hodge podge schedule to a more strict M-F schedule based on subjects (Literacy, Math, Science, Social Studies, Creative Arts) and each day, after the planned "lesson" I provided "Activity Boxes." Instead of being workboxes they were more like end-of-the-day "fun" boxes.

If you visit my blog, click on "Activity Boxes" in my archive (Filing Cabinet) and you'll see what I mean.

We have so much in common! "Quiet Time," schedules, work/activity boxes...even chores! Benjamin has had fun chores for about 2 years and we have a "Chore Store" as our reward system--you can see that on our blog, too. :)

Anonymous said...

What a great form you have made! Are you willing to share it with one who is embarking on the workbox journey this fall?