Sunday, May 4, 2008

Busyness and fun...

I have been running non-stop all weekend! I know there is lots of controversy about having yard sales...are they worth all the work and such... But I caved and did it anyways. I did work along and had everything collected in the garage so I just had to sort it out Friday and I was ready to go Saturday. I am definitely not rich for the efforts, but the thrift store guy came and hauled it all off, so I am rid of all that clutter!

Friday I made two YUMMY strawberry truffles. One for my grandpa's birthday and one for our Bible study dessert. I love fresh strawberries.

Then last night, we had a get together with Joel's family and we got some great news...we are going to be an aunt and uncle again! Joel's oldest brother, Ed, and his wife, Jen, are expecting! The mom to be is five months along, and looks so good!! We can't wait to meet the new Coble, just wish we could get them back to the east coast so we could see them more!

We are off to AWANA awards night, and then tomorrow I will try to help my poor house recover from the crazy busy weekend. I have planned a cleaning marathon and will have our favorite babysitter over after school. I get to take my stepmom out to eat for mothers day and do a little shopping. So, I will see you all in blogland Tuesday~hopefully I will do something wonderfully poroductive for Tackle it Tuesday!

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Mrs. B said...

Hi Hadley! Congratulations to your brother and sister in law! How exciting! Good for you for getting the yard sale done. We've been talking about having one and I'm dreading it. But we have lots of clutter accumulated in the garage and it's a good way to get rid of it. Plus I'm hoping it will motivate my kids to get rid of some of their stuff if I let them keep the money they earn. I didn't even know you could have someone come pick your stuff up. I'm going to check to see if any of the donation centers around here will do that!