Thursday, May 15, 2008

kids, decorating, life?

So, last night when I couldn't sleep, I was thinking about my blog. Many blogs I read have a theme. Decorating. Kids. Shopping deals. Crafts. Mine seems to be so random, so I was thinking may be I should streamline and stick to one topic. Then it hit me. It really is all one topic. LIFE. Our life. So, I hope you'll stick around to see and hear all about my latest decorating project, craft project, what my kids or husband are up to, and how I saved $40 dollars at the grocery store yesterday (seriosly!).

Today, I made some little curtains for my island. It has always been a bit messy under there, and I decided instead of letting it collect junk, that I would put curtains on there and make it useful. Now, I have sippy cups, plastic plates and bowls, snacks, and ziplock bags under there.

I think now I will take down the poor, tired fruit napkin curtains and use the same fabric to make new curtains. Then, in a couple of months when I'm bored I'll put up some totally cute, fresh fruit napkins! My poor sweet Joel is learning to adjust to all our fabric!

I also wanted to show you all a totally cute gift idea. My friend, Tracey (I would link you to her cute blog except she doesn't have one...isn't that a shame??!) got one of these and decided to make a few. Here are the pictures she took of her little creations! She took an acrylic frame with a magnet on the back (or you can use one of the free standing ones for a desktop version), fixed it all cute with the first initial and scrapbook paper, and slapped a post it pad on there! How adorable is that? The second picture shows it gift wrapped in an envelope.

So, that's us for tonight. We had a fun night with Joel's family here. I'll try to get those pictures up soon.

Until Next Time,


Kristin said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Let me know if you can get your husband to do the kid-size kitchen; I'm sure it would look great! I actually got mine off of ebay (that's pretty much the only thing in my oldest's room that wasn't made by my husband!)

Lunamoth said...

I am liking that post it note idea! Think I'll make it for my friend Hadley's birthday!!! :)