Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Birthday Week is Over.

I love birthdays! This year I turned 26, and I have been celebrating all week it seems! Friday night, Joel and I and some of our friends went out to eat at a really yummy seafood restaraunt. Saturday night Joel's parents and our nephew came over for grilled hamburgers and a campfire complete with smores.

Mary Helen really enjoyed toasting marshmallows, but she didn't like eating them because they were "sticky". This from the girl who has been covered in paint since Wednesday. Anna enjoyed most of it, but she didn't want to hold her smore either. Lee pretty well enjoyed it all! He's kind of like his aunt Hadley, who loves anything sweet or chocolate! As you can tell from the picture, Joel enjoyed his!

Last night and today I worked on a sewing project for the girls. I made them each a crayon roll, and got one matching bag done. I have the other cut, I just ran out of time and steam before I got them both done today!

Today, we went to Augusta, and I headed to Joanne's grand opening sale. I got some tin stars to complete my over the fireplace ensamble. They were half off!! Here's what it looks like now. My goal for this room is denim slipcovered furniture with a few country accents. I am trying to figure what to do on the mantle. I am thinking of doing a fringe garland, like the Nester shows here. OR, if I can make it look good, I am going to use some star curtain hangers to support some grapevine twisted with twinking lights (I'm sure you have a hard time picturing that in your head!).

...and I know that's abuse for a fireplace to look like that, but this is the playroom, and it's going to have to do for this season of our lives!

So, we finished off the weekend at Olive Garden with Joel's parents, Joel's brother, and 3 neices and nephews!

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Mrs. B said...

It looks like you had a fun birthday week! This is the second post I've seen today about smores and now I'm craving them! Yum! I love your stars over the mantel. Very cute. I think it will look great with the denim slip covered look

Hope you're having a great holiday weekend!

emily said...

Happy birthday week...or I guess belated at this point. And how cute are you with the crayon aprons?

I'd love to chat about small group ideas if you want to send me your email. Mine is

I co-led a girls small group from when they were in 6th grade until 10th grade and then my co-leader kind of took over and I would pop in and out. But I could help you brainstorm, possibly. Let me know how I can help.

Love your blog design btw :)

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Love your stars above your fireplace. You must be a nester fan, smile.... Susie H

Hadley said...

why, yes, I am a nester fan!!

I think the biggest complement to decorators is to copy them, don't you?!

Katie said...

Happy belated birthday! Looks like SO much fun!

Kristin said...

I have been wanting to make a crayon roll for my girls to have at church; yours turned out great!

CheleLew said...

I think it was on one of the Workboxes or Workbox Fun yahoo groups, I saw the link to your blog. I've been reading it all....and I just now saw your beautiful Basset Hound. Oh isn't she lovely!!!!

Should I assume the Augusta you referred to in another post was the one in the SC/GA area? If so, I'm in Camden, SC -- let's sing "it's a small world after all..."

Great blog - I'm going to have to subscribe!!!!