Thursday, May 1, 2008

Anna's check up and first big shopping day

We went for Anna's follow up from her hernia surgery. The doctor spent exactly 27 seconds looking at her and told me she was fine. Good. Onto the shopping trip!

Anna was really a trooper! I think she's a natural shopper. That's something she for sure did not get from Joel! We went to Joann's since they are having a moving sale. I got some fabric for the dining and living room for 60% off plus an additional 10% off. Still no luck for the bathroom fabric. Then we went through Target and Micheals.

I also got my grandma's sewing machine and am going to see if I can manage to teach myself how to sew a little. I'll keep you posted!

I am gearing up for a busy weekend. We have our Bible study tomorrow night, a yard sale Saturday, a family get together a couple hours away Saturday night, and church and AWANA awards night on Sunday. I'm tired already!

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Mrs. B said...

Glad to hear your little one's check up went well! I went to Joann's this weekend too, and they were having a great sale. When I got home I wished I had bought more! Your comment about learning to sew is funny because my husbad just ordered me a sewing machine for Mother's Day and I have this idea that I'm going to magically teach myself how to use it! I guess you and I will be learning together!