Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend Wind-Down

What a fun weekend!

Friday night, we had our couple's Bible study. It was great, as usual! We have so many great friends, and it's fun to see a handful of them every other week. I think Joel and I are growing closer together through this, and I hope that others are as well. We did get big news from one couple, who found out they are expecting their first baby! I've never been the sentimental type, but ever since I've had babies, I get all emotional when a woman finds out they're pregnant. May be it's because I know what she's headed for. The hardest, most wonderful, most challenging, most rewarding stage of her life!

Saturday, I went to work on Vacation Bible School stuff at church. I think we made some good progress, and we have a plan for the next work day, and we should be ready to go for VBS!

After that, I headed to spend my Lowe's gift card that my mother-in-law gave me for Mother's Day. I finally got a big metal barn star. It was one of those moments that if I'd been in a movie the lights would have all zoomed on it and angelic music would have started playing! I have really been wanting one, but haven't seen one yet (especially since I haven't been really shopping at places that don't sell groceries!). So, I got that and a pretty tuscan wall basket for my front door. I will show you when I hang the star!

Saturday night, Joel and I just relaxed and took it easy.

Sunday, after church, we made the 3 1/2 hour drive to Jane and Adams house for Lee's birthday party. The ride up was pretty good, and the party was fun (Mary Helen LOVES a good birthday party). I forgot my camera, so if someone emails some to me I will post them. The ride home was not as grand, since Anna got sick just in to the trip. Joel and I had a good time, though, and laughed a lot.

Here are some pictures from the other night when the family was over.

Until next time,


Mrs. B said...

Hi Hadley! Your weekend sounds great! I love you description of finding the barn star, I can totally imagine it! What a cute bunch of kids!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Hey Hadley,
Your family is beautiful! Your girls look so sweet. And I'm going to have to go pick some strawberries after seeing that picture! Yum!

I really enjoyed my visit at your blog. And thank you for stopping by mine! You're welcome any time!