Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Quick Challenge

Today, during my quiet time, I read from my new devotion book, Ordindary Mom, Extraordinary God by Mary Demuth. I have only read a few, and they've all been great; but today's was particularly challenging to me. The author begins by telling us a question her daughter asked of her recently, "Do you want me to be Cinderella or wicked?" Of course, she answers as any of us would, she wants her daughter to be Cinderella: kind, grateful, selfless and hardworking. So, she was challenging us to see which one we were. A few things she asked that got me thinking:

-Do I envy what others have?
-Do I expect others to do everything for me?
-Am I mean?
-Do I treat strangers better than I treat my husband and kids?
-Would I be horrified if my life were filmed on hidden camera and played back for me?

I am praying God will search my life and show me what I need to change to better serve Him.

Well, I will write more soon, but for now I'm off for a fun day - I get to have a ladies only afternoon! 3 cheers for great babysitters and wonderful friends!!


Debbie said...

Thank you for that. I really like your blog. WOuld you mind if I link it from mine? (This is mdebbie from Hearts BTW)

Hadley said...

Wow, Debbie! I'd be honored! I took a quick glance at yours just now, and can't wait to sit down and really read it!

Mary DeMuth said...


What a treat to see someone reading my book. I'm thankful it challenged you. I pray, too, that it's an encouragement to you.

Mary DeMuth