Thursday, April 24, 2008

What a fun day!!

Joel took the whole day off to spend with us girls! We went to the zoo, and had a blast! Mary Helen loved all the animals and the icee, and Anna loved climbing on the fences and watching people! The weather was perfect, and everyone's moods were pretty good too!

On the way home, Joel stopped by Target (if you know him at all you know that's because he REALLY loves me!). I found some pretty good deals! I got a beautiful apothecary jar on clearance...I'm talking 75% off!! I also got some ice cream - I mean cereal - bowls for 48 cents...four of them. That's only 12 cents a bowl! I got a few things from the dollar spot, but the buckets I really wanted were mostly gone or broken, so I skipped on that. If you have any at your target,here are some good ideas.

So, back th the apothecary jar...I have been wanting one and finally found one. When I got home, and checked my regular blogs, I found that my dear blogging friend got an apothecary set too! She got three (I won't covet, I'll just try to find a better deal on two small ones!). Check her's out and see suggestions for how to use these beauties!

I also got a new bike! We ordered one a bit ago, but for some reason they couldn't ship it, so we got one today. I won't tell you how bad it hurt going up the mountains in our subdivision pulling a trailer with two girls in it. Okay, so they don't look like mountains when your going up them in a car, but on a bike, they take on a whole new feel!

I am going to go out of town this weekend with my mom. We are going to see my aunt in North Carolina. We are going to do our favorite thing: goin' junkin'! I will have a budget (will have that discussion with Joel in a few, probably afte I rub his back), and I will let you know what good deals I find!

Check back Monday for zoo pictures and weekend treasure pictures!


Susie from Bienvenue said...

Thanks for such a sweet comment. Hope you have a blessed weekend. Susie H.

Mrs. B said...

Hi Hadley! Thank you so much for the very sweet mention of my little blog and your kind words!

I can't believe what a great deal you got on those bowls! Oh how I wish we had a Target in our town! I bet you'll have a great time in North Carolina. I'm convinved that's where all the best yard sales are!

Hope you had a great weekend!