Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Spring is in the Air!

I love spring, and today is like the best of the best! So, I'm taking a break here in my overalls (makes me feel like a real gardener!). I have begun to put out all the seeds I've been collecting since about January. I would tell you how many, but Joel may read this and have a stroke!

I've been pulling weeds, raking old leaves, and breaking up the dirt in the various flower beds and places soon to be flower beds. I have way more seeds than I have plans of where to put flowers, but I am confident they will all find a home! There is something miraculous about seeing all the new green popping out during spring!

Mary Helen has been enjoying doing "school" (preschool workbooks). She asks for them at least once a day, and is really very good at them! She will do page after page as long as I tear them out and read the directions to her.

I gave Anna a coloring sheet this morning when Mary Helen was doing her stuff, and she made about two marks and said, "down." So she got a book and looked at it for almost as long as Mary Helen did worksheets! It is amazing how they are so different, but so precious in their own ways.

Joel got to come home a little early last night, so we ate an early dinner and then went for a walk. We came home and still had some daylight, so we built a small fire in our new fire pit and toasted marshmallows with the girls. They really enjoyed it. They both had chocolatey marshmallow goo all over themselves when we finished!

Well, that' us for now. Back to starting a load of laundry then back to the great sunshine!


just me said...

your girlies are so cute!! :)

Debbie said...

Beautiful girls. I love reading blogs too! Can't wait till it is nice enough here to really get out in our garden!

Steph said...

Love your blog.... I'll be adding it to the ones I check.

Steph from H@H

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Thanks for sharing your stories. I came across you from nester. Nice to meet you, Susie H