Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday's Ramblings

Well, I woke up with all intentions of doing a Tackle it Tuesday project, and I did clean up my kitchen, but that's about it! I had one of those awful, terrible, no good days. Complete with random crying. You ladies have been there, right? I was upset about everyday stuff, and was beginning to lose my temper, so when I put Anna down, I put myself down too. I woke up to Mary Helen coming in my bathroom to look at herself in the mirror. She had decorated herself with a sharpie. And, while she was at it, she decorated her picnic table and the carpet in the living room too.

We finally got past that, and I got Anna up and sent the two outside for a while. Then they came in and went to wash their hands. I guess the soap dried out their hands, so they needed lotion. So did the entire vanity and floor.

So, Mary Helen is now at work with Joel, and Pizza Hut is on the way with dinner.

I did manage to get a few of my goodies from the weekend out, so here are a few pictures. Keep looking, because I need some advice for Anna's room too.

The first picture is all of my random apothecary/canister jars...The big one has dog treats, then one has m&ms, one for chocolate candy, one for fruity candy, one for pasta, one for goldfish, and one for pretzels.

The next picture is in my bathroom. I LOVE these apothecary jars!! I am going to fill the big one with white bath salts.

The last pictures are of Anna's room. The growth chart and the hamper are finds from the weekend. The closet is her newly cleaned out closet that I am going to fix for her and her babies~she loves playing mommy! So, I need some ides as to how to paint/decorate the inside of her closet. The doors are going to come down and I am going to do some fabric, but you will be able to see in there all the time. I also would kind of like to paint something on her main walls, like a border around chair rail height...any suggestions there? colors? designs? Her bedspread has butterflies, lady bugs, and flowers.

Thanks! Looking forward to all of your fabulous ideas!

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Mrs. B said...

Hi Hadley! Oh no, sharpie pens! A couple months ago my son decorated the carpet, walls, and toys in his bedroom with sharpie pen too. Don't you hate days like that? I think sometimes the kids just try to come up with clever ways to drive us crazy!

I love your apothecary jars in the bathroom. They look great! Your daughter's room looks very cute too. Regarding the painted border, I think I would stick with a design that wouldn't be too themey, just in case you want to change someday. Maybe do a solid stripe, with colored dots or swirls or something? Even flowers would be cute without being too themey I think. You could do different types of flowers in different colors on a solid stripe background. Yellow and pink or yellow and blue (or even all three) always look nice together I think.