Wednesday, April 23, 2008

works for me wednesday!

aaaahhhh! I was finally ready to post my works for me Wednesday, and the page with the code isn't pulling up. I promise I will fix it later, but for now, here is the link to check out what works for everyone else Okay, now I am realizing that I just typed all of this in vain, because I was looking at the wrong day's topic. So, here are some random works for me topics. I will try to do better next time, but I hope this helps someone out there in blogland!

Today's topic is Birtday Parties...

Instead of ordering birthday cakes, I order cupcakes and they put them all together and decorate it like a cake...very easy to serve. This year (thanks to Family Fun magazine) I am going to scoop ice cream ahead of time and put each scoop into a cupcake paper, then put on a cookie sheet in the freezer. With these two ideas, cake and ice cream serving will be a piece of cake (pun intended!).

And, I know goody bags are contoversial, but I like them. I like to fix bags with stuff that can actually be used, not total junk. When school supplies are dirt cheap before school, I stock up on crayola crayons (yes, I am a crayon snob!), you get 24 for 20 cents a box. That's cheap. I also like stickers, small magna doodle things (dollar tree 2/$1), may be some playdough...these are the types of things I use for entertainment in the car or when we go out to eat.

So, that's my birthday post, but I also wanted to answer last week's topic about traveling. I made these for my girls, and a few for some family members:

They are just cookie sheets that I painted...the otherside is painted with chalkboard paint. So, they will have these that can hold snacks or drive through, paper for coloring, write on them with chalk, play with magnets, etc.

I also have a box in the back of my car with various toys (Happy meal toys, books, crayons, magna doodles, etc) and back packs. When we go somewhere to eat or where there aren't any toys, we can throw a few things in the back pack and go!


jjahromi said...

Wow, Hadley, I found you! Isn't the internet great! Thanks for posting on my blog, it is a great encouragement to hear from other Christian moms. I think raising up the next generation of God fearing believers is a great work that is sadly undervalued in our society! Keep up the good work. By the way, I've tagged you on my blog to do a 6 word memoir Meme. Hope you're up to the challenge!
~Jen @

Debbie said...

I love those trays that is a fabulous idea! I will have to file that away, as we do a lot of traveling and longer car rides. Also a great gift idea, I may have to make them for my nephews =)

Mrs. B said...

Hi Hadley! Thanks for your comments about my son's bed.

I love your idea about ice cream in the cupcake liners! And those trays you made are darling. Another great idea!

Foxy5 said...

We will be doing a massive road trip this summer. I will be using this idea. Thanks!