Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Today, I want to encourage all of you stay at home moms (and even those who aren't) to have an open door at your house. Hospitality is a lost art. Now, we make plans in advance, clean, plan an impressive menu, and entertain. I am guilty too. But, I am trying to be available for a spur of the moment cup of coffee. Joel and I seem to have a revolving door of company since we've moved. It is wonderful! I used to worry that my house wasn't perfect, or my cooking is not gourmet. Finally, I had the revelation that the places I enjoy being are not those that are the cleanest, best decorated, or most unique food. The best places to be are the places people sit and talk and don't worry about making things perfect.

For most women, the simplicity of not having to cook is enough! I like to have something yummy in the freezer to pull our spur of the moment and something in the pantry to whip up a quick dessert. Then, when the occasion arrives, you have enough on hand to invite someone over (or deliver a meal).

So what are some ways that you like to show hospitality?

...stay tuned for works for me Wednesday!...

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Keira said...

hi! i just stumbled upon you from tackle it tuesday and works for me wednesday. i'm just jumping in there, too.
i've only recently started feeling comfortable saying, "come on in..." but i have to agree with you. it has done wonders for my home.
thanks for the reminder :)