Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday

I have started using those shoe organizers to store small things that normally get lost such as medicine, first aid supplies, fingernail polish, etc. Now, I just open my closet door and look through the clear pockets to spot what I need. Since I have small children, the closet has a childproof thing on the handle and the medicine is stored up high. Works for me! Check out what's working for other people at WFMW at Rocks in My Dryer!

By the way, if you read yesterday's blog, I wanted to let you know my sweet husband came home with an ice cream cake from DQ to help me feel better. It worked! And today the sun is out, so that should help too!

Have a great day!


Katie said...

Great idea for those organizers!!

Mrs. B said...

I love those organizers! I have one on the back of my daughter's closet door that holds all her hair ties, bows, and little accessories like sunglasses. The bottom ones I leave for her to put odds and ends into. I wish I could use more, but most of the closet doors in our house are the kind that slide.

ttelroc said...

I have a few of those, too - I keep computer cables, battery charger for my camera, crafty things like glue sticks, fun scissors, and officey stuff like a staple remover & extra box of staples and paper clips.

Those little organizers are fantastic.

Have a great day!

Mom2fur said...

I actually use that idea to store my 'stockpile' of shampoos, deodorant, etc., inside a downstairs closet door. It really does make it easier to find things! (And it's cheap, too!)

Connie said...

Cool organizer idea! Love it. Glad you are feeling better, what a great hubby you have!